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Leer 100XL Cap

The 100XL goes SUVs one better, securing and protecting valuable cargo that doesn’t belong in the back seat. A LEER custom-fit premium cap, the 100XL features SUV-style side windows with twist-out vents and an all-glass rear door with the LEER Twist Handle.

HD Fiberglass Commercial Caps

Hi Rise – Fiberglass Work Force HD Truck Cap
The Jason Work Force Hi Rise has it ALL! Its mid-rise shape creates extra interior volume from front to rear.
For starters …. in addition to its interior room, the JASON Work Force Hi-Rise features an oversized “big as they come” rear door!! This Jason Work Force is [...]

HDU Aluminum Commercial Caps

The best value Heavy Duty Commercial Aluminum Western union locations cap on the market.
From our business partner, Swiss, comes one of the finest Heavy Duty Commercial Aluminum caps built in America today. With a wide variety of options to choose from, you can create the perfect cap to fit your specific needs.
Choose from a wide [...]

Jason – Pace Series

Sleek – Streamline – Sporty – Affordable….. all describe the value built into every Jason Pace Cab High.
These very affordable caps deliver our superior quality along with great style and function. The Pace’s efficient good looks, reasonable price, limited lifetime warranty, and road-proven performance make it a great choice.
The Cab High Pace Series is available [...]

Jason – Force Series

The Force high-roof is Jason’s most spacious model. The high roof extends almost to the front of the cap and the oversized door is as big as you can get.
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Standard are the double bays and sliding side windows offering plenty of visibility. There are a number of side [...]

Leer 100R Caps

Rugged, reliable, and cost-effective, the famous LEER 100R is a great way to protect your pickup truck and the cargo you carry, especially when you take advantage of LEER’s long list of options to add the special features and functions you want.

Roll N’ Lock M-Series

Roll-N-Lock® M-Series™…the most advanced retractable truck bed cover made, has redefined the rules for truck bed security. From its retractable function, which permits opening or closing in literally seconds, to its rigid, vinyl-over-aluminum laminated construction, this hybrid cover offers everything other covers do not.
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There are no snaps [...]

Jason – Dimension

The Look, Lift, Latch and Lock system…. all to please the most discriminating Jason lid owner. The unique sub-frame design allows the unit to be easily removed for hauling tall cargo.
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The mounting hardware is clamped to the truck bed, thus NO holes to drill in the truck. [...]

Jason – Rage

Consider the possibilities….. WE DID!
Engaging the truck’s theme, the Jason design team used it as the epicenter of the Rage. The result is a Rage tonneau cover, as unique as the pickup truck it is intended for. That’s right, each Rage model is crafted to enhance the bodylines of your truck. No two Rage models [...]

Leer – 700 Series

The tonneau that started a revolution! The LEER 700 showed truck lovers that tonneaus don’t have to be boring – they can be beautiful! The style lines and high-dimension details capture the essence of each truck model they fit. Get the best, the original high-dimension tonneau, the famous LEER 700.

2010 F-150 SVT Raptor

Check out all of truck accessories.
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Grille Guards, Mirror Covers, Bed Liners, Caps, Bed Lids, Side Bars, Bull Bars…and more..

2010 F-150

Check out our truck accessories.
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Grille Guards, Fender Trims, Mirror Covers, Head Light Covers, Tail Light Covers, Side Bars, Nerf Bars…and more…

Leer – 800 Series

The all-new LEER 800 Series tonneau is a dramatic low-profile expanse of gleaming fiberglass, supported by quick-release hinges and LEER SuperLift gas props; secured with automotive-style rotary latches and a weather-protected billet stainless steel lock.
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800 Features:

Easy No-Drill Installation
LEER Quick Release Hinge System
Low-Profile Flex-Seal Front Rail Bed Protection
Limited Lifetime [...]

Leer 100XQ Caps

Unique throughout the industry, each LEER Model 100XQ is styled with body lines, details and other design elements inspired by the truck model it is made for. The result: Each 100XQ uniquely enhances and completes the truck it fits.

Leer 180cc

Simular in construction and features to the LEER Model 100RCC fiberglass commercial cap, but in a mid-rise height, the Model 180CC adds over 3″ of interior clearance and bigger, taller door opening.

Leer 180CC Commercial Cap

Similar in construction and features to the LEER Model 100RCC fiberglass commercial cap, but in a mid-rise height, the Model 180CC adds over 3″ of interior clearance and bigger, taller door opening.